Youth Conference


College Days

October 28-30, 2021


Pastor Seth Buckner

About Pastor Buckner

As a 2001 graduate of Indiana Baptist College, Pastor Seth Buckner has had a wide variety of ministry experience in pastoring, preaching, and Bible college work. Brother Buckner pastored for six years on the west side of Indianapolis. He and his wife, Elizabeth, a 2002 graduate of IBC, served on staff for many years at Indiana Baptist College, until 2006, when the Lord led them to Texas. For four years Brother Buckner traveled full-time for Fellowship Tract League, and in 2012, Brother Buckner became the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Jefferson, TX, where he serves currently.


Bible Quizzing

Luke 5:1-32 | John 21

Teams of 4


Sign up during Registration


Sign up during Registration


Register on Arrival


Register on Arrival



Check-in 3:00 – 5:00 PM


Classes, Services, Competitions, and More!


Final Service and Awards 9:00 – 10:00 AM



Men – Dress Pants, Dress Shirts, Ties

Dress Shoes (Suit coats for preaching participants)

Ladies – Dresses, Coordinate Skirts and Blouses


Men – Jeans or khakis, Polos, Colored T-Shirts, Sweatshirts,

Socks, Running Shoes

Ladies – Khaki or Denim Skirts, Culottes, Polos,

Colored T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Socks, Running Shoes


Men – Khakis, Polos or other Collared Shirts

(Running shoes permitted)

Ladies – Polos, Colored T-Shirts, Sweatshirts,

Khaki or Denim Skirts, Socks and Running Shoes

Luke 5:1-32 and John 21 (KJV)

Question Types
Questions will be generally taken from, but not limited to the following categories.

• Short Answer
• Verse Memory (Word perfect)
• Conceptual

Team Requirements
A team must consist of four (4) individuals.
No substitutes are allowed.
Players may only play for the team for which they registered.

Game Play
First to begin standing will be called to answer first.
Individuals will be called to answer successively, based on the order in which they began to stand, if the first participant fails to correctly answer the question.
If an individual begins to stand, they must give an answer.
Once a team has incorrectly answered 5 questions, 1 point will be deducted for each following incorrect answer.
A team may only attempt one answer per question.
Teammates are not allowed to help other teammates answer a question.
Once a participant has been selected to answer a question, they will have 10 seconds to begin their answer and 30 seconds to finish their answer, unless a discretionary extension is allowed by the host.


We invite all high school age young men to enter our preaching competition.


You must register by Thursday before the evening message.

Prepare a 5 to 7 minute Bible sermon to present to students, prospective students, and IBC staff during college days.
You will need to sign up for the preaching competition online or when you arrive for college days.
You will need to give four copies of your sermon outline to Dr. Loder before you preach.


We ask the young men to dress appropriately for the preaching with a dress shirt and tie and a suit coat or sport coat.


Contestants will be judged on the following:

  1. Content of the Sermon: Does the sermon have a clear message founded on Biblical authority? Is Scripture properly interpreted and clearly explained to the audience? Does the message have a significant theme that is effectively illustrated?
  2. Construction of the Sermon: Does the introduction catch the hearer’s attention and direct his thoughts to the message? Does the body of the sermon clearly develop the theme and progress toward a conclusion? Does the conclusion succinctly summarize and forcefully apply the message?
  3. Delivery of the Sermon: Is the preacher’s voice projected to the entire audience and enhanced by clear diction? Is the preacher’s appearance appropriate, and is his delivery free from distractions? Does the preacher connect with his audience by direct contact and appropriate gestures?


1. May be either sacred or classical, or a combination of both.
Sacred selections should be only from conservative sources: eg. Sound Forth, Sacred Music Services, The Wilds Music, Majesty Music (prior to 2007). While not all music from these sources is automatically acceptable, much of it is. Music from other sources should be at least as conservative as those mentioned above.
Please avoid the following types of music for the competition:
Contemporary Christian Music Jazz Bluegrass Southern Gospel Folk Original Compositions
We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate each musical entry for competition. In the interest of time, the maximum involvement for one young person is two solos of different types (vocal, instrumental or piano), one vocal ensemble, and one instrumental ensemble. If the total number of competition musical entries is more than can be accommodated in the available time, the judges may have to limit the number of entries per person, or decline to hear entries that do not fully qualify for judging (see 5), or decline to hear entries that are deemed excessive in performance time needed.
A performance taken from any of the following sources will not qualify for judging since they do not generally contain printed accompaniments, tempo markings, dynamics, and other indications for musical interpretation:

a. A hymn straight from the hymnal (Published hymn arrangements, however, are acceptable.)
b. Original compositions (Officially published works may be used if they meet above standards.)
c. Original stylings of a hymn or song without printed accompaniments and the usual musical notations for expression.
(If, in the opinion of the judges, there is adequate time and it is appropriate to do so, non-qualifying performance selections may be heard.)

A given selection need not be memorized for this competition.
Selections should be no longer than four minutes, unless permission has been obtained through IBC in advance.
The performer should give his name and the title of the selection before performing the piece.
Musical entries notably marked by elements of popular or CCM music will be ineligible for winning. (ex. prominent syncopation in voice or accompaniment) At the discretion of the judges, some such entries may still be performed for the experience and for constructive judging in performance. Also ineligible for winning are music entries whose performance style is notably marked by elements of popular or CCM performance style. (ex. scooping or sliding the voice)
The accompanist, if there is one, should play music as written, as much as possible.
Any changes of the music should be clearly marked on the judges’ copies.
Three copies of the music are to be available to the judges before performing.
Judges’ copies will later be destroyed, unless the performer actually legally owns multiple copies used by the judges, in which cases the music should be so marked.


Comments will be made appropriately for the performer’s benefit and growth.
Judging forms (or copies thereof) will be given or sent to each participant.
In this competition, memorization will ordinarily not be a factor in determining one’s score. However, if there is a tie, and one participant has memorized, while another has not, memorization may be used as a final deciding factor, although not necessarily so.
A tie in judging is an acceptable outcome. In such cases, both participants are equally awarded what one winner would have received.


No percussion instruments.
No electronically amplified musical instruments except the organ.
Only live piano accompaniment will be permitted for all music categories which need accompaniment.


It is best if each young person provides their own accompanist.
IBC may be able to provide an accompanist for a limited number of entries. If you will need an accompanist, please make your request to IBC at least two weeks ahead of time and send a copy of your music with your request.
Only music entries conforming to the guidelines are eligible to win.


Team Requirements
A team must consist of six (6) men and/or women.
No substitutes are allowed.

Players may only play for the team for which they registered.
An individual may only register for one (1) basketball team and one (1) volleyball team.

Athletic wear that conforms to the College Days dress guidelines is required for all players.
All players must wear basketball/running/gym shoes—no flats, boots, dress shoes, etc.

Games will be played to 11 using a rally scoring system. (subject to change)
Games will end once a team has reached the maximum number of points. A two-point margin is NOT required to win.
Each team will be given one 30-second timeout.
The referee will preview the rules in more detail before the coin flip.


Team Requirements
A team must consist of four (4) men.
No substitutes are allowed.
Players may only play for the team for which they registered.
An individual may only register for one (1) basketball team and one (1) volleyball team.

Athletic wear that conforms to the dress guidelines is required for all players.
All players must wear basketball/running/gym shoes. No boots, dress shoes, etc.
All team members must wear similar colored shirts for the competition or wear pinnies (pinnies provided by the college).

Games will be played half-court.
There will be two 4-minute halves of continuous running time. (subject to change)
Each team will be allowed to use one 30-second timeout per half.
The referee will preview the rules in more detail before the coin flip.

What to Bring:


Bedding & Linens

Dress & Casual Clothes



$40 Per Person

Registration includes the cost of activities, lodging, and meals!