In a world increasingly adrift from God and righteousness, there is a desperate need of prepared leaders who without reserve will boldly serve the Lord.  The vision of Indiana Baptist College and Seminary is to train Christian leaders for independent Baptist ministry, leaders that will exhibit a heart for the Lord, for the local church, and for the Great Commission.  While holding to historic Baptist doctrine, a strong position on the Bible, Biblical standards, and traditional, conservative Christian music, Indiana Baptist College and Seminary seeks to nurture in each student that fundamental walk with the Lord so vital for an effective Christian life and ministry.  Students are challenged by a quality educational program and are encouraged to apply what they learn both to their daily lives and to their local church ministry.


Doctrinal Statement

We believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the Old and New Testaments; the preservation of God’s Word forever; that the Masoretic Text, Textus Receptus, and King James Bible are the preserved Word of God in their respective languages; God in Three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the new birth in Christ alone; baptism by immersion for believers only; the eternal security of the believer; the Lord’s Supper as a memorial; six creation days of twenty-four hours each; the bodily resurrection of Christ and His bodily ascension into heaven, where He now intercedes for believers; the pre-tribulation rapture of all believers; the pre-millennial return and millennial reign of the Lord Jesus Christ; the judgment; the reality of heaven and hell; the local church as God’s institution to carry out the Great Commission; and the obligation of every believer to live a holy life and to witness to the lost of the saving power of Christ.

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