Fundamentals of Speech II

SPE 102 | 3 Credit Hours
speech with an introduction to parliamentary procedure. Impromptu, pantomime, storytelling, demonstration, and informative speeches are delivered.

Fundamentals of Speech I

SPE 101 | 3 Credit Hours
This basic techniques and principles course offers emphasis on delivery style and platform performance. Manuscript, memorized, and extemporaneous speeches are performed. The class culminates with the devotional.

Biblical Philosophy of Music

MUS 106 | 2 Credit Hours
This course is designed to assist the student in establishing a biblical perspective of music, both in the personal realm and in church ministries.

Survey of American/English Literature

ENG 203 | 3 Credit Hours
A survey course of the key authors in American and English literature with focus on how authors and their writings influenced Christianity through the ages.

English Composition

ENG 102 | 3 Credit Hours
This course is a study of the basic ways ideas can be fitted together and presented clearly in writing. Special emphasis is placed on sentence construction, word choices, outlining, writing paragraphs and essays, and writing research papers.

English Grammar

ENG 101 | 3 Credit Hours
This course thoroughly teaches traditional grammar and mechanics with emphasis on the basic parts of speech and their function in the English sentence.

Child and Adolescent Development

EDF 212 | 2 Credit Hours
A survey of childhood and adolescent growth and development, with an emphasis on developmentally appropriate practice in a classroom setting.

Second Man

CED 411 | 1 Credit Hour
A study of the place, work, responsibilities, and expectations of the assistant pastor in the youth ministry, music ministry, or other ministry of the local church.

History of Revival

EVN 301 | 2 Credit Hours
A survey of revivals throughout history, from Bible days until the present. The course’s aim is to help the student understand the nature of revival and to stir him to seek revival.

Baptist Distinctives and Polity

CED 408 | 2 Credit Hours
Distinctive doctrines, practices and procedures of Baptist church administration and leadership will be addressed from a Biblical perspective.

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