Public Events

Dear Friend of IBC,
Every year we look forward to the many events that take place here at IBC. After review and evaluation of the current COVID-19 situation in the light of both health communications and government recommendations, the IBC administration has decided to cancel the banquet, recital and concert. We appreciate the support and the fellowship that these events bring, and we will miss having you with us. A decision will be made about our graduation ceremony in the weeks ahead. We look forward to the future with great anticipation, and we request that you keep IBC in your prayers at this time, as we in turn are praying for you.
 Serving together in the work of the Lord,
– President Paul Reed, in behalf of Indiana Baptist College.

School Calendar

Fall 2019

August 26Dorms Open/Freshmen Arrive
August 26All Student Orientation
August 27Freshman Testing/Final Registration
August 28Classes Begin
August 30President’s Cookout
August 27-30Opening Week Revival
October 14-18Mid-term Exams
October 24-26Fall College Days
November 16Fall Banquet
November 27-29Thanksgiving Recess
December 6Concert
December 9-13Final Exams
December 13Christmas Break Begins
December 13Dorms Close

Spring 2020

January 6-10Biblical Philosophy of Music*
January 6-10Evangelistic Preaching*
January 6-10Missionary Preparation*
January 13Dorms Open
January 14Final Spring Registration
January 14-17Winter Revival
January 15Classes Begin
March 2-6Mid-term Exams
March 11-13Spring Break
CancelledSpring College Days
CancelledSpring Banquet
April 27-May 1Final Exams
May 2Convocation Ceremony/Dorms Close
May 4-8World Religions & Cults*
May 11-15Baptist History I*