Public Events

February 18-19

School Calendar

Fall 2020

January 4-8 Biblical Philosophy of Music*
January 4-8 Missionary Relationships*
January 11 Dorms Open
January 12 Final Spring Registration
January 12-15 Winter Revival
January 13 Classes Begin
February 18-19 String Festival
March 1-5 Mid-term Exams
March 10-12 Spring Break
March 18-20 Spring College Days
April TBA Spring Banquet
April TBA Recital
April TBA Concert
April 26-30 Final Exams
May 1 Convocation Ceremony/Dorms Close
May 3-7 Church Planting Strategies*
May 3-7 The Ministry of Teaching*
May 10-14 Baptist History II*
May 10-14 The Evangelist’s Work*
May 17-21 Romans*

Spring 2021

No events