Student Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life

Our heart's desire and prayer to God for each student is the cultivation of his or her personal spiritual life. To this end the college takes a definite stand against that which would encourage the appetites of the natural man and takes a definite stand for that which would provide food and strength for the spiritual. Each student is expected to maintain his or her own devotion times at the beginning and/or end of each day. We endeavor to conduct all classes with an emphasis and atmosphere which will promote spiritual growth as well as the achievement of academic goals. Classes, athletic events, and student activities are regularly opened with prayer.

Chapel Services

College chapel meets four times each week and is a time of spiritual instruction and encouragement. IBC’s chapels expose students and faculty to the strong Bible preaching and teaching of some of America's finest missionaries, preachers, and evangelists. All students are generally required to attend chapel on the days in which they have class. Chapel time on Thursdays is set aside for specialized classes and lecture series.

Christian Service

Each student must be a saved, baptized member of an approved local church. Commuting students of a local, independent, fundamental Baptist church may obtain permission to attend their own local church. Indiana Baptist College believes that Christian service is the real and normal expression of a healthy Christian life. A student trains while engaged in Christian service, rather than training for Christian service at some later date. Each student is required to go soul winning a minimum of two hours weekly. He is also required to participate in at least one facet of the local church ministries. All students must attend all of the weekly services, conferences, and revivals of the local church.

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